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Peace in the Hear & Home

"Deeply insightful and compassionate...
a book of wisdom and immense helpfulness
...uplifting and empowering."

Mental Health Research Unit,
Kingsway Hospital, Derby, United Kingdom
and author of
The Compassionate Mind

IP Silver Award
Bronze Medal-Personal Growth
"Books for Better Living"

Living Now Book Awards

Silver Medal- Parenting

ndependent Publisher
Book Awards

Gold Award- Family and Relationships
ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Greetings to my visitors,

I hope you’ll stay long enough to recognize that what I have to offer you is the real deal. No need to frantically or aimlessly search any further. If you are longing to feel more connected, effective, fulfilled and at peace, the help you are needing and deserving is here. It truly is. Creating Peace in the Heart and Home has been a labor of love…a gift from an avid learner and lover of life to my fellow life travelers. It is my attempt to share, in a concise yet heartfelt way, all that I have learned, personally and professionally, over the last twenty years. Allow me to show you how to replace frustration, dissatisfaction, deprivation and distress with comfort and vitality in your body, mind, relationships and life. That is my greatest hope.

How can you know that Peace in the Heart and Home is one of the needles in a haystack worth finding? How can you trust that this is one of the offerings which will speak to your core concerns and clearly reveal the challenging, but dependable way to thriving? [No magical solutions here- life doesn’t work that way.] ForeWord Reviews recently wrote, “Charlette Mikulka, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, joins the fray of doctors and other professionals spinning out self-help books but she rises above the crowd, providing real answers, solutions and recommendations." Elana Katz, a Senior Faculty member of the Ackerman Institute for the Family, calls Peace in the Heart and Home , “A one stop-shopping handbook for life…folksy, straight-talking…a wise and comforting hand.”

Perhaps you have been feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed or a general sense of malaise.
Disturbing emotions may infiltrate too many of your days...or you may feel numb and half alive. Your relationships may be disappointing, aggravating or painful. Your body may be acting out from chronic stress. You are not alone. Most human beings are caught in a web and don't know how to get free.
Life gives all of us challenges that can seem insurmountable. Fortunately, in the last several decades more and more people have been devoting their professional lives to studying human development, neuroscience, secure relationships and optimal well-being. I've benefitted from this explosion in scientific knowledge and written Peace in the Heart and Home to take the mystery out of personal and relationship difficulties. What you will learn will open your eyes and provide a clear path out of the dark woods and into the sunshine.

My book is written the same way I talk: friendly, forthcoming and down-to-earth. I have been through a lot, just like everyone else. I've discovered how to turn straw into gold and I'd love to show you how to do the same. Peace in the Heart and Home is filled with explicit, tell-it-like-it-is information and direction. The guidance is permeated with warmth and a multitude of compelling metaphors and inspiring anecdotes that make the information register deeply. Get your highlighter pen ready. Memorable sentences, reflecting a new way to view and live life, will be found on every page. Peace in the Heart and Home offers an abundance of specific and powerful strategies and advice so you're not left trying to figure out, "How do I actually put this into practice?" I've designed this book to be a basic manual to prospering in a world in which so much is out of our control.  It's what we all wish we had known sooner.

After reading this book you may very well agree with Deborah Rozman, PhD, author of Transforming Stress: The HeartMath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension , that Peace in the Heart and Home provides readers with "Sincerity, care and understanding about how to handle emotions and cultivate spiritual awareness...a wealth of information and resources...a beautiful book." I am confident that your relationships- with yourself, others and life- will be far better by reading Peace in the Heart and Home and integrating its lessons. If you want to know more before purchasing your paperback, ebook or audiobook, explore the various webpages for further information about what the book has to offer. I hope you will be intrigued and encouraged.

May you and your loved ones thrive.

Charlette Mikulka
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Book cover design by Lisa Torrieri

Swan photo by Joe Mikulka. Author photo by Dennis Becker