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"A highly readable, accessible and very practical guide to living a more emotionally fulfilling life, both with oneself and in relationships."
--ALAN S. GURMAN, PhD, Emeritus Professor of
Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

"Deeply insightful and compassionate... a book of wisdom and immense helpfulness...uplifting and empowering."
-- PAUL GILBERT, PhD, FBPsS, Mental Health Research
Unit, Kingsway Hospital, Derby, United Kingdom and
author of
The Compassionate Mind

"A wonderful book...offers hard-won, useful lessons about inner well-being and outer harmony that drip with authenticity."
--RICK HANSON, PhD, neuropsychologist, co-founder of
the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and
Contemplative Wisdom and author of Buddha's Brain

"Profoundly important book...The true life stories of people courageously confronting their fears to claim their universal right to love and connection is an inspiration to all readers...delivers much-needed healing and will likely change the lives of many."
New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy

"A one-stop shopping handbook for life...Folksy, straight-talking...a wise and comforting hand."
Certified EFT Supervisor
Senior Faculty, Ackerman Institute for the Family

"This meaty book describes the variegated sources of contemporary stress and provides practical tips on how their adverse emotional and somatic effects can be avoided or significantly alleviated. These simple techniques are much more cost effective and safer than drugs, and in many instances, can satisfactorily reduce or eliminate them."
--PAUL J. ROSCH, MD, President of The American Institute
of Stress, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry,
New York Medical College, Honorary Vice-President,
International Stress Management Association

“Sincerity, care, and understanding about how to handle emotions and cultivate spiritual awareness...a wealth of information and resources...
a beautiful book.”
-- DEBORAH ROZMAN , PhD, author of Transforming Stress:
The HeartMath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue
and Tension

"This book is just what it says it is: a down-to-earth guide to creating a better life. We all can use reparenting, coaching and discipline on our journey through life in order to understand and overcome our mistakes and heal our wounds. So read on."
--BERNIE SIEGEL, MD  author of
365 Prescriptions For The
101 Exercises For The Soul

user-friendly book for the general public... a nicely written book that addresses reader's need for information, self-help interventions and understanding of when and what potential professional interventions may help."
EMDRIA Approved Training Provider and Consultant


PSYCH CENTRAL: "Charlette Mikulka- psychotherapist, social worker, wife and mother - has created an incredibly all-encompassing book... Peace in the Heart and Home is a practical, empathetic work that can indeed be used as a 'guide'...This book is different from most self-help/family advice works, and laudably so, in that it integrates seamlessly the worlds of the self and relationships." Psych Central's Recommendation: Worth Your Time! +++


Client's Testimony

"The time I spent working with Charlette was by no means easy. The journey of self discovery and healing never is. I have found the end result has been more than I ever imagined. I worked hard to let go of past trauma during a process called EMDR. By learning to be genuine, trust, and truly connect with those closest to me, I have seen my new stronger and healthier relationships continue to affect everyone in my family in positive ways. Learning to be mindful and live in the present is something I work at every day and continue to try to share with my family. The benefits of the work I did with Charlette has changed me, I am no longer reliving old patterns and feeling pain that is not part of my present. I know that the tools Charlette shared with me will help me to be present during the good and bad of my future, allowing me to experience true joy during good times, and helping to give me strength and coping skills to endure the difficult times that are a part of everyone's life."

Lisa A.

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